How often do you need to service your air conditioner in Florida?

By October 30, 2018 January 17th, 2019 Temples Air Conditioning and Heating News
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How long do air conditioners really last in Florida?

Brand new air conditioners in Florida typically operate for 10 to 15 years. How long your air conditioner stays depend on how well it is maintained. When kept well, it can take at least one to two decades. Our team of experts technicians at Temples Air Conditioning and Heating, are equipped with the latest technology to expand the lifespan of You’re A/C.

Signs that Your air conditioner needs repair by Temples

1. Age
Air conditioners are mortal. The older they get, the less they perform their duties. So if your machine is more than 15 years, know it is on its last leg. It requires repair by experts.

2. A rise of humid in the house
The evaporator coil that extracts humidity from your home’s air, with age it loses its power to perform well. The tear and wear make it use a lot of energy, and in the process, it tears more. Hence, more humid and clammy in the house.

3. Increase in electric bills
As some parts of the air conditioner wear out, it loses its efficiency. This makes it use a lot of power. Thus, the rise in energy bills. If you notice a slight spike in energy bills, then it is a sign you need Temples air conditioner maintenance.

4. Frequent repairs
The more times you call a technician, the higher the chances that the air conditioner is in bad condition. Our professionals will offer you advice accordingly for free.

Why repair your AC at Temples Air Conditioner in Florida?

A. Positive testimonials
Our esteemed customers are treated with the seriousness they deserve. Our customer care is on top-notch. No wonder our faithful customers keep on referring others to us. Our commitment to the community is to make every home comfortable. We are currently a 5 Star rated company. Check out our Google reviews for yourself!

B. Honest policy
We are a reliable company. Our technicians use high-quality products that renew your air conditioner with affordable payments.

In case of a fall tune-up, our technicians;

  • Check the refrigerators levels.
  • Use a leak detector to inspect the system of refrigerant.
  • Seal duct leakage in the AC.
  • Measure airflow to ensure enough air circulation.
  • Verify that the sensors are working accordingly.
  • Clean and tighten the electric terminals.
  • Check belts for tightness and add oil where necessary.
  • Ensure that the thermostat is perfect and working properly.

Special offers guaranteed at Temples Air Conditioning during the fall

Long lifespan
Depending on how well an air conditioner is maintained, it can last from two to three decades. Our services can double its lifespan.

Low utility bills
A regularly serviced air conditioner by our technicians performs efficiently. The more efficient it is, the less the power it uses. Utility bills reduced.

Peace of mind
Your conscious will always be at peace knowing that your cooling/heating system is in excellent condition. Repair it often, and you will have nothing to worry about.

Reduced repair bills
As the service technician checks on the air conditioner more often, any potential breakdown can be detected early and get repaired.

Indoor comfort
When preventative measures are taken, the air conditioning works well. Your home becomes your paradise.

To be on the safe side:
• Change filters every month.
• Periodically, keep an eye on the outdoor unit for damage.
• Keep off dirt like debris, leaves, and twigs around your air conditioner area.
• When out or on holiday, make sure you turn up the thermostat.
• Ensure indoor air vents are free of lint, dust, and obstructions.

Did you notice weird noises from the AC? You really need a repair. Contact Temples Air Conditioning team for your fall maintenance & tune-up’s today. We are at your service 24/7 all days of the week. We will send one of our trusted technicians to inspect your system. You are then honestly advised on what to do and given a fair installation estimate. Do not hesitate; we are just a call away.