4 Major Reasons Your Heating & Cooling System Breakdown

4 Major Reasons Your Heating & Cooling System Breakdown

When it comes to the various mechanisms of a heating and air conditioning unit, they operate only if they are maintained correctly. If the heating and air conditioning units are kept in an excellent working condition, there should be no cause for concern. However, when a unit breaks, it can be a little catastrophic to an entire family. Below are a few primary reasons why your heating and the cooling system broke and what you can do to prevent it from happening in the future.

Dirty Filters

If you notice that your unit is not functioning as efficient or performing to the best of its capabilities, then one reason this could be happening is a dirty filter. We suggest getting a regular tune-up on your units each year. This also means that your filters will be replaced. We have told our clients that when you change the filters, you get a faster and more efficient system. You will also get cleaner air quality and lower electric bills. The endurance of your unit will also be prolonged, and you will have fewer repairs to manage.

Installation Screw Up’s

When a heating and cooling system is installed, many professional techniques need to take place. Our company expresses to each of our customers that obtaining the right professionals and technicians to install your equipment is necessary for many reasons. If there are any signs of improper installation, then your unit needs to be addressed as soon as possible. A few incorrect installation mistakes can lead to the following: Wrong airflow ratios, under and overcharge of refrigerants, non-condensable gases present, electric voltage shortages or overages, and under sizing of the units. All of these can cause inefficiency and also cause units to break.

Bad Thermostats

If you have a thermostat that was either one installed incorrectly, or two seems not to work, then it may be a wise decision to have us look to see what is going on with the unit. There are a few signals that you can see when a thermostat goes bad. They are the following: Unit does not turn off, the unit cannot sense the temperature of the room if you replace the batteries and it still does not work, or the until is not responding on any level.

Dampers That Were Installed Incorrectly

We have professionals that have seen it all when it comes to defective air conditioning units. One example is the ductwork. Sometimes the technicians will have to rework the ductwork of the unit because the heating and cooling system does not function properly. Sometimes fans can be added or adjusting the ducts can be known to resolve the broken units.

Prevent It From Happening Again

Air Conditioning Units can be maintained on a regular basis to prevent them from breaking in the future. It is always good not to talk to our technicians about the questions you have concerning your unit and what to do to stop it from happening again in the future. Once your unit is fixed, getting a regular tune-up is highly recommended for every home.

Why Call Temples?

There are many different reasons a unit can be broken. Most of the problems can be maintained. If you have had a unit break, or you think your unit is about to break, contact us, Temples Air Conditioning and Heating LLC, now to see how it can be fixed and maintained correctly in the future. You can call or text us at (813) 296-6411. We are located in Valrico, but service the entire Tampa Bay area!